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or $30 when you

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Collage Kits

Get a one of kind collage studio! Everything you need is included. Receive 20 unique paper elements, art prompt, double sided adhesive squares and a cardboard substrate to use as your canvas.  

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Collage Kit Membership + Subscription 

Get everything you need in this complete collage studio. Every month receive 20 unique paper ephemera plus a collective element and art prompt to trigger your creativity. Plus as a member you get access to the monthly art making member's hangout.

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Digital Collage Kit Membership + Subscription 

Every month receive a PDF Digital Collage Kit in your in-box . Each kit includes 10 public domain images collage with a prompt and the collective image to collage in community. Plus as a member you get access to the monthly art making member's hangout. Avaialbe world wide! 

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Join the #ArtFam

Two ways to become a member 

Paper Kit

Collage Dream is a global community of Collage artists! With members in 23 states in the US and 6 countries around the world. This is the hub to make more than a pretty picture by taking a "low risk and high reward" creative adventure. In this Art World the only competition is who is having the most fun!

Every month receive a new kit with one of a kind paper and an exciting art prompt. 

When you become a member by subscribing to either the Paper Kit (only available in the US) or the Digital Kit, you join the #artfam on our collective and individual creative journey to create in community. You also get access to the members page where you can hear and watch Studio Confession the collage podcast. Join the monthly members meet up, listen to the monthly jukebox, enter open calls , get your work featured and much more.

Once you purchase your membership for either plan, go to the members portal at the top of this page to create a log-in & begin your Collage Dream adventure.

Digital Kit


Candy Cotton

Collage Kit

Order a one of a kind

Collage Kit bursting with paper ephemera, textures and colors!

Everything you need is included! 

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Collage Kit


Order a one of a kind

Digital Collage Kit PDF

for you to print out or use on your computer! The possobilites are endless. 



Connect with


Meet me in the studio to work through your blocks, strategize a plan to get your studio practice to the next level. Art is the excuse to connect and explore ideas through this low risk and high reward session. There is much adventure to be had, let's get you on your way.

Artists of all mediums welcomed.


No product

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The only competition in collage is:
who is having the most fun in their work. 


Every Thursday jump into a collage adventure.

Summer Prompts 23'

Every Thursday join Luis Martin / The Art Engineer  for a new collage making session and one on one studio time.


Join the #ARTFAM +  Luis Martin / The Art Engineer  in the studio for Collage Dream Happy Hour every Thursday at 7pm EST NYC on Instagram @ArtEngineer.

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