April 2, 2022 Through May 7, 2022 

Print Sale Curated by Fox Carlson 

A Collage Dream Virtual Group Show + Print Sale

Februallage was an exercise in creative thinking and play. For our second virtual exhibition Collage Dream Members were asked to create a work of art that took on three or more prompts to arrive at their own explorations of the Februllage prompts.


Curated by collage artist and architect Fox Carlson, he has selected four collages to represent the exhibition in a series of framed print sale available now.


Framed Print Size 8 x 10 inches

Available in Black or White Frame

Paper: Matt Finish Digital Print

$45 plus shipping


"This collage is stunning in my opinion. This central figure is so pensive, so statuesque. But around her is color and movement, and vibrancy! I am imagining that those text bits are her thoughts, and that even though she's sitting so serenely, her imagination is running wild, exploding all around her. You have a great sense of control. Using color, or added details in just the right places." 

Fox Carlson 

Artist: Karen Ait Oamara 

Matt French.jpg

Artist: Matt French 


Artist: Chris Knight 

"In this piece there are so many things I like. It has such vibrant color, but the added black and white gives it this sense of being grounded, which I love. The man too, partly distorted by lines and looking into the distance, with mountains in the back, gives a nice feeling of wistfulness. The negative space you incorporated around the edges too, is excellent. "

Fox Carlson 

Christy Provncher.jpg

Artist: Christy Provencher


" I am blown away by the precision of this image. You've taken such care and it really shows. I'm imagining this woman is the serene goddess of nature, wearing it like a crown, but also letting it over take her, and they're all becoming one. It's a piece I keep looking at, over and over and I keep seeing new things.. well done! it's beautiful  "

Fox Carlson 

Artist: Christine Pianin

Matt Horner.png

Artist: Matthew Horner