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Collage Therapy Session

Collage Therapy Session

Give yourself permission to play and break through your blocks like a blade through paper! 

Join one of these powerful collage making session to explore the creative process and invite personal insight and catharsis.

In this one on one studio session I will guide you as you have a conversation with your voice and hands and let it take you to a new place in your art practice.


Each session includes:

  • 1hr session via zoom


Choose from these themes to explore in the session:
-creative blocks
-creative project development
or provide any tips or issues you would like to explore. 


Once you purchase your session, you will receive available dates and times.

Kits usually take up to a week to arrive.

What you will need:
-blade (optional)
-glue stick
-a bowl
-3 magazines
-1 old book


**Watch a session here. **


DISCLAIMER: I am not a therapist or doctor.
I am an artists, educator and survivor of trauma.
This studio art session is geared to work out art practice issues and thems..
For psychological help please seek a professional therapist. xoxo

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