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Nov 23 Digital Collage Dream Kit B+W

Nov 23 Digital Collage Dream Kit B+W


Demand color in your life! But also know that the only person that can put it there is YOU! Has the state of the world faded all the color of your joy? Has the bad joojoo in the air got you stiff with fear? This is your invitation and wake up call to turn the lights on and bring back the color. Use this annual Black + White issue to share your colors with the world, whatever they may be. Use markers, color pencils, nail polish and everything in between to bring your vibe hard. Use the speach bubble page to say everything you need to say!


Take a Collage Dream Adventure in Black and white!

Every month both digital members and paper kit members receive one Collective Collage Dream Element to create in community!


This is your invitation work with the #ARTFAM and have a collective experience. Make a collage that is all you then share it. Remember to comment and celebrate what others have done with the same image. With just one image the possibilities are endless.


Each kit has 10 high rez digirtal images + one collective image + prompt 

PLUS: ALL IMAGES ARE PUBLIC DOMAIN you can use them in your collages without fear and sell your art as prints! GO THRIVE xo 

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