Enchanted Sticker Pack

  • Enchanted Sticker Pack

Pack of 7 stickers
Activate your space with collage dreams!
These seven stickers are enchanted collages that make magik of the medium!

Sticker list and magik uses:

Square stickers 1.5” x 1.5”
-Isolation Blossoms: Stick this on anything you want to grow into its splendor!
-Henry: Stick this on anything or anyone who needs to stop taking everything too serious!

Circle stickers 3" x 3"
-Gay Angel: Stick this anywhere you need unconditional love and glittery blessings!
-Neon Shaman: Stick this on anything you need to bring wisdom to!
-Pajaros: Stick this anywhere you and your lover handout for balance and protection!

Dye-cut stickers 2.5” x 3"
-They of Love: Carry this one in your wallet to attract a lover!
-When Happiness was a Woman: Stick this anywhere for ABSOLUTE joy and glee!