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It fills me the absolute joy and purpose to know that Collage Dream allows me to use my work and art practice to connect with other artists and ignite mutually inspiring interactions.


Thank you to the artists and corporate collaborators for sharing your testimonials.

If you have been moved or inspired  by the work I do, and the Collage Dream community please share it with us. We value your experience and hope your testimonial gather more people around the empowering idea that collage is just the excuse to connect and make more that pretty picture by way of activating our personal stories through the creative process and curiosity.


Gratefully yours,

Luis Martin / The Art Engineer


It was so wonderful to have Luis lead a virtual studio visit for our Arts & Minds @home program on April 26. Our community of people living with dementia and their caregivers each had a chance to contribute to the lively discussion centered around three of Luis' collage artworks. Luis invited each participant to make personal connections to his juxtaposed collaged images and he supported each comment with information about his process, sources of inspiration and personal stories. We were fascinated to watch his process unfold during his demonstration. As Luis cut out images with his exacto knife from his colorful pool of magazine images and collected photographs, we saw how a collage artwork comes together before our eyes! Luis was friendly, welcoming, and kind to our community and he made the college process seem very accessible (and exciting) to us! We can't wait to collage with Luis again in the future!


Hollie Ecker

Associate Educator

Public Programs

Arts & Minds


“I hired Luis to facilitate our corporate team building event with our highest end clients, they were so impressed. The creativity and collages helped us unlock so many business ideas. I plan to hire Luis many more times in the future whenever I want to host a unique event that brings together business and creativity.” Joe Sanok author of Thursday is the New Friday, Harvard Business Review contributor, TEDx speaker, and podcaster


Joe Sanok


Practice of the Practice 

Screen Shot 2022-05-20 at 1.41.33 PM.png

I am so grateful for having been offered to participate to Artist Days Spring 2022. This four weeks program really gave me the push I needed to start promoting my work and creating a community around it. The prompts for each week gave us plenty of ideas to develop a more interesting Instagram page and connect more with other people. I love that it helped me show of who I am as an artist and a person because I had a tendency to hide behind my art and now I am more confident in showing who I am. I gained confidence and strength to move forward in the development of my project. Working during four weeks in a group was so encouraging, we would really support and push each others and this was very helpful too. The weekly zoom sessions were also a great way to plan for the next week and ask questions and share experiences together.

Thank you Luis for this incredible experience and for helping me to believe in myself and what I do more.


Karen Au Mara, France 

Artist Days Spring 22

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