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Collage dream is a creative safe space, that Luis Martin The Art Engineer has created from his studio for his #ArtFam. This New York based artist welcomes artists around the world to use collage to explore ideas and build community. Through a subscription-based collage kit membership, the YouTube channel series “Paper Cuts”, and the “Collage Dream Happy Hour” series on Instagram Lives, Luis Martin facilitates an art world unlike any other.   

The Collage Dream Kits are a monthly treasure trove of paper ephemera and more, that the artist composes and compiles like a love letter. Every kit is a complete collage studio. Each parcel has over twenty random bespoke clippings of images, textures, stickers and is often supplemented with a surprise element or special object like skeleton keys and even 45’ records.  


JAN24 digi table (Instagram Post).jpg

The Collage Dream Kits come with a new monthly prompt and collective image to cultivate creativity both as an individual artist and a participant of a collective visual conversation. The magic begins when the members aka #ArtFam, are invited to meet via zoom to workshop and create together. The artists take it to the next level when they post their work on social media and share their process and stories.  

Collage Dream was a direct response to the isolation of the 2020 pandemic. Luis Martin, a self-identified hoarder and caretaker of books, felt the call to share his collection. By creating a membership-based community, the #ArtFam are given creative license, inspired material and a platform to share their work in a safe and supported space. The connection in the Collage Dream #ArtFam spans across the US and multiple continents.  


As the most democratic art form, Collage is a low risk and high reward activity. Come have a conversation with your hands and join the #ArtFam where the only competition is who is having the most fun.

March Digi Spread.png
DEC 22.jpg

and much more!

Take this Collage Dream adventure and cancel at anytime.


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