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Collage Workshops 

a masterclass in creativity

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Jump into collage with a guided workshop lead by Luis Martin / The Art Engineer and explore ideas through this low risk, high reward medium. The Martin uses the creative process to make space for important conversations and opportunity to build community. Through hands on art making, story telling, and the use of the unique “Collage Dream Kits” we will  explore limitless possibilities.


Each session is a masterclass in creativity, specially designed for each group’s needs. Book a session for 1 or up to 50 people. Sessions are available both in person and via video conferencing. 

Workshop Menu

Journaling A New Narrative

This workshop sets you up for the adventure of a lifetime, one chapter at a time. We will introduce creative concepts to explore journalling with collage to plan for a journey that excites us and propels us in the direction of our goals and dreams.

Beyond Vision Boards

  This workshop invites you to look at the big picture from a different perspective to see what really matters. We will explore and reimagine the vision board  through collage and new materials to discover ways to experience and express our individual journey. 

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Collaborate + Team Building 

Art is an edifying activity that builds community and strong teams.  We will we work as a team to create a visual representation of the collective’s core values. Each participant is given the opportunity to identify their unique contribution and celebrate as a team. This workshop is ideal to inspire corporate culture and foster team work.    

Latine Excelence 

Celebrate Latino Heritage. Jump into the textures and colors of the Latin American diaspora and collage using simple techniques inspired from traditional folkloric art.  

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Celebrating LGBTIA+

Pride is year round. In this art and story telling workshop we use collage to celebrate and honor the LGBTQIA legacy. By creating a safe space to share stories and hold space for the community we will remember and empower our collective history. 

One of a kind Sessions

A workshop can be designed specifically to meet your groups needs and creative goals.

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  • Team building 

  • Corporate diversity workshops  

  • School Groups 

  • 1 on 1 for Individual Artists 

  • Collective Narrative 

  • Developing a creative voice

  • Story telling 

  • Creative Blocks 

  • Art as a tool for empowerment

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