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Collage Workshops 

a masterclass in creativity

Jump into collage with a guided workshop lead by Luis Martin / The Art Engineer and explore ideas through this democratic medium. The artist uses the creative process to make space to build community and opportunities for important conversations. Through hands on art making and story telling, Luis uses his unique “Collage Dream Kits” to open limitless possoblities. Each session is a masterclass in creativity, specially designed for each group’s needs. Book a session for 1 or up to 50 people. Sessions are available both in person and via video conferencing. 




  • Team building 

  • Corporate diversity workshops  

  • School Groups 

  • 1 on 1 for Individual Artists 

  • Collective Narrative 

  • Developing a creative voice

  • Story telling 

  • Creative Blocks 

  • Art as a tool for empowerment

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