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Collective Elements + Special Workshops



Collage Dream Members!


Watch our March Hangout and Zine making demo with #ArtStar Terry Garret.

You can download the template over and over and unleash your inner Zinester!

Buy the signed Limited Edition #ArtFam zine by Terry Garrett and learn about zine history and its power. 

All proceeds go to the artist!  

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April 2023


Jazz is in the air and there is paper everywhere. Check your inboxes and grab your kits! There is much adventure to be had!  

CDDK 3_edited.png

March 2023


Let's have a collective Collage Dream! Join me in this special MEMBERS ONLY video. We start in the studio, woking with our collective element then we take to the streets of Wall st in New York to create a PDA (Public Display of Art) moment!


Disclaimer: Collage Dream does not condone the destruction of private property.

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