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Frida Amasadors

Thank you for taking this Collage Dream adventure with us! You are an official Frida (The Pigeon) Ambassador.  I am excited to see where we will go and what adventure we create as a collective. 



The Mission: Take three pictures of Frida in your town and share them on instagram. Tag us @collage.dream and use the hashtags #collagedream #artfam #Fridathepigeon 


The Rules:

There are only two rules in this project 1.  Do not get into trouble! Remember that as a card caring artist you can get away with a lot, just don’t break any laws.   

2. Don’t be basic. Be playful and step outside of your comfort zone, we are there with you. 



The Mission: 

  1. Celebrate your community. Share with us the best of your city according to YOU! You can take us to the landmarks but don’t forget the corky cafes, magic bookstores and community parks that might inspire you. 

  2. Build Community. Share the idea of the project with your friends and community to start a conversation about your town and the places that matter.

  3. See the world from a different point of view. Imagine what Frida will see when you pose her for the pictures. Look low, high and in between, you will find the world will reveal itself to you in unexpected ways. 


Time Frame and Mail:

Please take no more than two weeks to create your photo series with Frida. Once you are done with your adventure reach out to Luis Martin to get postage for the next ambassador. You will need a printer. 


Now go have fun and expect good people everywhere you go! 

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