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Floral Arrangement 2
Floral Arrangement 2
Day of the Dead.png

Join us in this special Day of the Dead Collage Dream Session. Grab your cutting tools, press play and get ready to honor and connect with passed ancestors, friends, and heros. In this video Elvis and I share our home altar and share some personal stories. We then head over to the studio to create two collage alters. Collage with me while I honor my grandfather and Sylvia Rivera, two people whom I never met but owe a great debt of gratitude for their contribution to my life today. The party never ends, let's celebrate life thinking about the proverbial caterpillar who thought their world was over when they suddenly became a butterfly! Viva la vida, Viva la muerte! Xoxo



Materials and Tools you might want to have:


  • Picture of a departed loved one you want to honor

**If you do not have a picture of the person you want to honor collect images that might represent them, like a flower, a car or something that meant something to that person or to you in reflection of that person.

A Magazine

and or various books


  • Exacto Knife Scissors

  • Scissors

  • Double stick tape

  • Glue stick

  • Ruler

Bring your friends!


Viva la Vida! Viva la Muerte!

Treat yourself & support our free programming!

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