Give yourself permission to play.

Join one of these powerful collage making session to explore the creative process and invite personal insight and catharsis.
I will guide you as you have a conversation with your voice and hands and let it take you to a new place in your art practice.

Each session includes a collage kit with curated ephemera.
Each session is one hour on zoom.

Choose from these themes to explore in the session:
-creative blocks
-creative project development
or provide the theme yourself.

Once you purchase your session, you will receive available dates and times.
What you will need:
-blade (optional)
-glue stick
-a bowl
-3 magazines
-1 old book



DISCLAIMER: I am not a therapist or doctor.
I am an artists, educator and survivor of trauma.
This studio art session is geared to work out art practice issues.
For psychological help please seek a professional therapist. xoxo

Collage Therapy

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