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  • #ICON PW6

    You know their names, their lives and bought the merchandise. Now let’s really look at the icons we admire to identify the elements in their work that move and inspires up. In this class I look at the work of Jean-Michel Basquiot for inspiration to create a collage that is all me! 


    Join in and learn how to develope your own authentic visual language in a way that feels right to you... you don't even have to get your hands dirty if you don't want to. 


    Take this class for $5 during the “current” or buy it after for $10.


    Share your work and you might get featured.

    Tag us at @collage.dream and use the hashtags #CDPW


    It is free to participate in the prompts!

    Each downloadable “Prompt Weekly” class is yours to keep forever and ever.


    It is the ideal way to nourish your creative practice and support this passion project.

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