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Paper Roots / Raíces De Papel Calendar 2022
  • Paper Roots / Raíces De Papel Calendar 2022

    This calendar is a collection of collages created by the artist Luis Martin /
    The Art Engineer. Each month is an eruption of colors and textures that celebrate the artist’s love for his Mexican-American roots and the Latinx diaspora. Make 2022 a year full of joy and adventure.

    +12 full colored original collages by Luis Martin

    +Dates Noted include all Latin American Independence Day, Puerto Rican Patronal Festival, and other POC dates of note.


    +12 x 12 inches 

    FREE SHIPPING Pre-Orders before Decemember 1st


    PRE-ORDER NOW: Delivered the first week of December 2021 with comemorative sticker!


    Watch me talk about the stories behind the calander here. 

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