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    Prompt Weekly 5


    Yoga for your creative practice!

    Active Week of August 23, 2021


    In this class we are elongating, stretching and taking our creative cues from, yoga, Sean Paul Goude and Grace Jones. I start with an image of a figure and use color and pattern to create a collage that #stretch and expands. I also talk talk about the first movie in which I saw Grace Jones where she collaborated with Keith Haring! Join the love fest!


    Take this class for $5 during the “current” or buy it after for $10.


    Share your work and you might get featured.

    Tag us at @collage.dream and use the hashtags #CDPW


    It is free to participate in the prompts!

    Each downloadable “Prompt Weekly” class is yours to keep forever and ever.


    It is the ideal way to nourish your creative practice and support this passion project.

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