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Summer Prompts: The Collection
  • Summer Prompts: The Collection

    Keep the summer vibe year round with Summer Prompts!

    Join Luis Martin / The Art Engineer and a few of his #artfam #artstar as they explore eight summer themed prompts. Each session is a master class in creative thinking and nurturing curiosity. Get over five hours of studio art making and get to meet artist working in collage now around the country, Canada and France!


    Once you purchase the collection you will receive a link and password where you can watch the sessions and download each class for you to keep for good!



    -Learn brainstorming techniques

    -Learn to use collage as tool to think about ideas and manifest your inspiration into tangalbe art

    -Get ideas about how to talk about your work

    -Learn about Collage Artist around the country and in Canada + France

    -Go at your own pace

    -Create in community and join the Art Fam when you share your work on instagram and tagging @artengineer + @collage.dream


    Thank you for supporting this Collage Dream Adventure and passion project!

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