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#Summer_Solstice + Mini Digital Kit
  • #Summer_Solstice + Mini Digital Kit

    This is where the story begins. Join me as we celebrate Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year and the first day summer. I ask my "Art Witch" friend Monica Betancourt to share her thoughts on Summer Solstice to inform my ideas on this week’s prompt and reflect my default creative process. I tap into ideas of plating seeds as a metaphor and meditation to do the unthinkable, we leave the studio! We also check in with artist Karen Ait Oumara in Brittany, France, to see her take on #Summer_Solstice.  For this week’s Summer Lark we create “In Community”! I ask a couple of friends to meet me at the park and collage with me while setting some intentions! Join us in this epic summer adventure.


    Support + Buy this session to keep and receive a summer solstice themed free mini-digital collage kit.


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