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Summer Well Book 23'
  • Summer Well Book 23'

    The "Summer Well Book" is a reimagining of the Collage Dream Kit and a moveable studio. 

    This book is composed of things that moves me, Luis Martin / The Art Engineer and I hope they move you. The cover is a nod to music and vinyl records, while the inside is chock full of exquisite paper ephemera. Inside you will find an envelop with some familiar goodies to get you going along with a very special Neo Arch oracle card, just for you PLUS the list of summer prompts we will be exploring in video series this summer. 


    Above all, this book is a moveable studio. Be free and move around collecting ideas and images. Even if it is from room to room or city to city as I yearn to do. We are never done in this art journey and we are never alone. With this book at hand you are always in the great company of the #artfam.


    Each book is unique and hand made!

    Limited quanity

    SHIPPING JUNE 12, 2023


    US Shipping Only 

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