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Radiate like a #Sunflower

Have you taken a moment to look, really look at a flower? Meet me in the studio as I meditate on the quintessential summer flora and get some ideas from observing a Sunflower in the studio. I play with repetition and a little abstraction. Come collage like a painter, paying close attention to color and finding depth in texture and value. Your Summer Lark assignment for this session: Go buy a flower, a leaf, a plant or just go sit in nature and observe. Nature is calling out. What will she tell you?  Stick around and take a trip with #artfam + #artstar Janet Bunnell who shares her creative  process all the way from Owego, New York! Let’s learn how to shine art fam!


Share your take on #SUNFLOWER on instagram and tag us @collage.dream + @artengineer

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