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The Fool Rumination Video

The Fool Rumination Video

Spend some time with The Fool. 

Join this 45 min presentation and conversation with Luis Martin The Art Engineer as he explores the first of 22 archetypes from his interpretation of the Arcana tarot deck.  


In this video you will:  

Learn ways to connect with this archetypal of the Tarot by casting them with familiar faces.  

Explore both the positive and negative polarities of this card  through storytelling and learn how to use them in your life.  

Walk away with 2 prompts to use this card's energy into your studio.  


Each session is presented in an accessible fashion with insides and fresh perspective to shift and trigger your own ideas and ways to connect with art and tarot.  


✨When you purchase this video, you will receive a PDF document with a QR code and link to view and download the video. 

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