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Owego, NY

Meet us in the studio on YouTube! I am thrilled to share this conversation with Collage Dream Art Star Janet Bunnell @jdeesigns . Her collage “Top Hat” is the cover of the May 2022 Collage Kit. Listen in as we chat about the artist’s “Hurricane” like energy and how it has taken her from furniture art, decoupage, to collage and beyond. We chat goals, family and Owego! Join the conversation!

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JanetJanet Bunnell
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Matt Horner

Boise, IDAHO 

Jump into this conversation with Collage Dream founding member and Art Star Matt Horner. Listen to his journey of discovering his creative voice in community while following his curiosity. We talk about how being part of a community and an art fam makes the world a smaller and friendlier place. We also talk abut inspiration, success and goals while enjoying the process of becoming artists creating from a place of power. Join the conversation and be part of the art fam.

Matt HornerBuddy
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Meet Buddy! The heart and founder of “The Bronx Community Collage” am instagram hub that celebrates the Bronx and connects it to the power of collage. You are invited to this conversation as we talk about living a creative life that is fulfilling and lead by curiosity. Buddy also talks about his other creative projects and the art and people that move him. We go deep and talk about family ties and how they are present in our creative practice today. Listen in, we even talk about shilalis and embroidery.

Buddy/ Bronx Community CollageBuddy
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Fox CarlSON 

Meet Fox Carlson, an Architect by day, Collage Artist at heart and soul. Fox talks about finding anchors in his work that result in stunning imagery of layers of paper, nostalgia and narrative. Listen in as we talk glue, music and emotionally charged documentaries. As a new member of the Atlanta Collage Society we chat about the benefits of connecting with our collage peers in person as we ease into gathering publicly again. You’re invited, join this conversation.

Fox Carlson Artist Name
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Luis Martin Communique

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Happy New Year! It is still January, celebrate with me the new year and the completion of the first 25 “Prompt Weekly” sessions! What is next? You tell me! I have a billion ideas but it becomes more meaningful when you share what moves you and we work together to create something. Get ready, stretch and get yourself a new blade and a stack of magazines because we are doing “Frebullage 2022” as a group! This month long prompt session offers great opportunity to play and build community. I am inviting members to select a prompt on any given day and send it over to me to share it on our instagram feed and other social platforms. Above all collage is the excuse to connect, play and be in community from a state of flow. Take this adventure with us!

Communique Jan 22Luis Martin
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Sarah Jarrett

Join the conversation and get to know artist Sarah Jerrett. Listen in on how Sarah uses analog collage and digital collage as a way to explore narratives and address her curiosities and interests. We talk about art post pandemic and wonder what that might look like in the near future. The artist also shares how collage informs her stop motion animation projects. You will want to know and see more of Sarah Jerrett’s work.

Sarah Jarrett
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Look out for Black Collagists: The Book soon! 

Meet writer and art historian Teri Henderson. Join the conversation as we talk about her first book “Black Collagists: The Book”. Listen in to how this book started with an Instagram account and grew into a collaboration with the Doug + Laurie Kanyer Art Collection which now a beautiful book that celebrates black collage artists around the world. You will want to meet this champion of the arts.

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