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To begin, send me a message via email or intagram and confirm you are joining this adventure. I will then send you a question for you to answer in 3-4 sentances. Thi will go along with your work in the yearbook. 


Once you get your questions please email the following to:

by April 15th, 2024

  1. The brief answer to your question.

  2. Picture of yourself

  3. Picture of one collage

  4. Your info: Name, town, handle or website.

  5. Picture of hand writen note/ dedication. Please write it on a white piece of paper with black ink. Take a picture of it evenly lit. 

This is going to be fun!


mockup yearbook_edited.png

Are you in on the year book?

mockup yearbook_edited.png
yb page.png
mockup yearbook_edited.png
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