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Tap into the momentum of the new year. Use this FREE Artist Success Setup worksheet to create the change. 2024 will be no diffrent from the year before, if you do not cease the NOW.  


You don’t have to do this alone!  Schedule a 1 on 1 with me, and see what a well laid out three weeks can do! 

Download the worksheet below. The grey text in the worksheet is an example on creating a solo exhibition. Now it is your turn! Let’s connect and make it happen for you!


“Some time during the pandemic I came across Luis on social media and I began listening to his podcast. With each new episode, I felt a warm embrace of affirmation and wisdom in his words and in his ability to illuminate artistic and creative processes in a nuanced and deeply meaningful way. Fast forward to six months ago… in reviewing his web site I discovered that he offered one-on-one conversations about arts-related questions. As I gathered my thoughts about which questions I needed most support in exploring answers to, I knew that Luis was someone whose experience and perspective would be helpful. 


I was not disappointed! Luis shared insights from his art training, his professional work in arts institutions, his magical intuition and his big, big generous heart. I came away with questions to consider in terms of how to view my art process and the pieces I produce, conceptual frameworks and ideas about how to overcome my preconceived notions about receiving money for my work, books that might be helpful, and homework! Additionally, Luis was kind enough to follow up with me several weeks later to ask about my homework assignment and to share a few additional resources.


If you are in need of encouragement, insights, or lovingly challenging questions to consider as you begin/continue/grow your artistic practice, talk to Luis now! His experience, training, intuitive insight, compassion, and generous heart equate to pure practical MAGIC!!!”

Julia Nieves


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