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First session starts Wednesday December 6, 2023 9pm est NYC

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At the intersection of art + magik

Take an andventure with me and the #artfam at the intersection of art + magik! Together we will explore the “Fool’s Journey” of the Arcana one card at a time. I will use the Luis Martin Arcana deck as a door to explore the meanings and sybolism in each card. We will find ways to connect to each archetype and give them dimension and connecting them through our own narratives and experiences.   


Each session will be 60mins that will include a guided tour with visuals, open ended questions, and invitiations to dive into new ideas. The goal of the Ruminations Sessions is not to KNOW the Arcana but to arrive at a personal understanding that will give you access to see a broader picture and feel each card with your many senses. 


Register and join the sessions for free live as they happen.

You can buy the replay to keep , study and support the project. 


Register to receive your zoom link to the next session.

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Support this project and live at the intersection of Art + Magik with a framed print

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