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Collage Pro Tools
  • Collage Pro Tools

    Are you ready to take your collaging to the next level.

    You have everything you need in this collection of pro tools.

    The only way to become a master, is to nourish your creative practice.

    These are my favorite tools I use everyday in my studio practice and on all of my Youtube videos.


    Safety first! Learn to use the blade by using it like a pencil or a stylus and ALWAY pointing away from you. Always wash your hands when leaving the studio,


    Now lets set off in to this collage adventure!


    Each Pro Tools Kit includes: 

    • Blade with Safety Cover
    • Acrylic transparent 6 inch ruler
    • Scotch permanent Glue Stick
    • Quickie glue Pen
    • Self Healing Matt 8 x 6 inches


    Watch me use the tools in the Collage Pro Tools  kit here!


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