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#Time_Travel 25
  • #Time_Travel 25


    “Let’s Meet Again for the first time!”


    This adventure never ends! Join me on the last of the first 25 prompts before we take a break to create a book of this amazing journey. If this is your first prompt or one of many, each class is an entry to endless inspiration. Play with time by revisiting old ideas with a fresh look. These prompts along with art making in general,  is the #elixir to boredom and the feeling of disconnectedness. Connect with us here to find curiosity, purpose and community!


    I want to thank you, this amazing Art Fam that crosses boarders, time zones and ages. Thank you for sharing your journey with me and the community. This passion project that started with a conversation with “Matt”, an fantastic artist in England, has grown into a tribe of artists with so much to offer each other and a world so hungry for inspiration.



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