Above the Clouds
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There is much adventure to be had in this collage dream.

Take the studio home

Collage is the most democratic art form.
No art degree, or even talent needed,
just your curiosity. 

Get all you need to be the artist!

Each Collage Kit is specially curated
by Luis Martin / The Art Engineer and his husband Elvis!
You will receive a unique collection of images, colors and textures to explore and play with to create your own collages. 

Watch the UNBOXING of
The JULY 2021 CollaGe Kit 

This is a low risk, High Reward activity! 

Everything you need is included! 

From the adhesive squares to put your collages together, to a white cardboard to serve as your canvas. You even get a special prompt with every Collage Kit to get you going.

You are invited!

SideB 2020_edited.jpg

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Members get access to a member's only page with exclusive content, like collage videos, studio playlists, giveaways and other community activities. 

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 Take a Collage Adventure!  

Digital Collage Kit

Specially with our international Artists in mind, we have created a Digital Collage Kit, each with quality images, and a collage prompt to get you started.  

One on One Studio Sessions 

Step into the studio and collage with Luis Martin / The Art Engineer one on one. Each session is uniquely suited to address your individual creative questions, to inspire and strengthen your creative practice at whatever level you may be at. Each session is an invite for catharsis. 

Tune in on Instagram Live

Every ThursDAY 7pm est NYC

Inspiration and Tools 

Are you ready to take your collaging to the next level.

You have everything you need in this collection of pro tool.

The only way to become a master is to nourish your creative practice.

These are my favorite tools I use everyday in my studio practice and on all of my Youtube videos. Watch me use the Collage Pro Tools here!